Steam Laundry is Healthier and Safer for Baby Laundry

Have you heard of steam boilers? If you are a laundry business, of course, this tool is one of your weapons in running a laundry business. But maybe some of you have never heard of this tool, or you are looking for information about this tool. For initial information, a steam boiler which is also better known as a steam iron is a string that uses its heat source from water vapor from the Equipos de Lavanderia industrial. Steam boilers or steam irons do not use electricity at all, so if you use a steam boiler or steam iron, your electricity operating costs will be reduced, and not only that, steam boilers or steam irons can work faster than electric irons.

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Conventional washing methods are not unsafe and unsanitary. But now with the presence of a washing machine capable of steam laundry that can utilize steam as hot as 60 ° C, it can reduce the risk of allergens such as mites, pollen, mold, and pet dander better than conventional washing methods. Steam boilers or steam irons are usually available in several capacities, namely 15, 20, and 25 liters. And for your safety, this type of iron is also equipped with a steam pressure gauge and safety valve. Although there is a washing machine as well as a dryer, a dryer needs to be provided separately to make it more efficient when washing and drying clothes. Also, these laundry equipment is an alternative when the weather is raining.

In caring for this laundry equipment, you have to check the inside frequently so that no dirt sticks to it. If you don’t check it often, the dirt will make your clothes dirty again. The two laundry equipment cannot be separated. Speaking of irons, there are two types of irons used, namely ordinary electric irons and steam irons (steamer). The advantage of a steam iron is that it can reach areas of clothing that are difficult to smooth. Also, you can save time because the steam generated from this laundry equipment spreads and helps clothes tidy up faster.