Getting to Know the Shimano Reel

Shimano is a name that is definitely familiar to cyclists. The groupset owned by Shimano is of unquestionable quality. In fact, recently many cyclists using the Shimano groupset have often won the famous cycling tournament, the Tour de France. However, it turns out that the name Shimano is also widely known among anglers. Not because they often go fishing on bicycles, but because Shimano also has a product in the form of fishing rods. One of the fishing rod products manufactured by Shimano is a reel or spinning wheel to store, lengthen, and pull the strings. Get the best spinning reel under 100 on our website.

Reels with gears or derailleurs do have almost the same working principle, namely dealing with rotating objects. So it is not entirely a strange thing if Shimano expands his business into the world of fishing rods. The following are types of fishing reels manufactured by Shimano that are suitable for you.

Shimano Spinning Fishing Reel
Shimano has three subcategories for spinning type reels, namely Spinning, Spinning SW, and Spinning Surf. In the Spinning category, there are 20 products, including Stella, Vanquish, Twinpower, Sustain, and others. In the Spinning SW category, there are 11 products, including Stella SW, Twinpower SW, Stradic SW, Spheros SW, and others. Whereas in the Spinning Surf category there are 8 products, including Bull’s Eye, Power Aero, Ultegra, Speedcast, and others.

Shimano Baitcast Fishing Reel
Baitcast reel is classified as an overhead reel, which is placed on the fishing rod. The use of this reel is difficult and requires good control. Otherwise, the strings will get tangled easily. Because of this, these reels tend to be used by those who are already professionals. Shimano has two sub-categories for products in the baitcasting reel type, namely Baitcast and Baitcast SW. In the Baitcast sub-category, there are 26 products, including Antares, Metanium, Aldebaran, Calcutta, and others. In the Baitcast SW sub-category, there are 8 products, including Tranx, Engetsu, Grappler, Stephano, and Genpu with various variants.

Shimano Round / Overhead Fishing Reel
The average overhead reel has a high price to compensate for these advantages, so most of its users are professionals. In this category, Shimano has 12 products, including Ocea Conquest, Ocea Jigger, Tiagra, Talica, and others.