You Must Have A Good Plan For When You Lose Your Car Key

If you experience losing your vehicle keys outside your home or public place, we recommend that you immediately contact a dealer or locksmith to solve the problem. To solve this problem with your car dealer, all you need is a certificate of vehicle ownership and an additional fee for key replacement. However, if you want a faster process, you can hire a trustworthy car key replacement service in your area.

If your key is having problems such as not working properly when opening or locking the vehicle. At such times use your vehicle warranty if it is still valid. This guarantee will also apply to loss, but not all companies provide this kind of guarantee. However, before you contact the dealer it’s a good idea to try to replace the key battery first to be sure. If replacing the key battery still doesn’t work properly, contact your vehicle dealer immediately.

Also, some insurers can provide key loss claims services. By doing insurance you are not only guaranteed when your keys are lost, but you can minimize expenses because the cost of replacing keys is quite expensive considering that current key technology is increasingly developing and advanced. This method can help you when you lose your keys either at home or outside.

Finally, almost all vehicles have a spare key. If your vehicle does not have a vehicle key, you should check with your vehicle dealer. However, to be able to buy this spare key you need proof of vehicle ownership to avoid theft, you can also buy a spare key at an automotive shop or make a duplicate key with a locksmith. Keep the spare key in a different safe place such as in a house drawer that is safe and easy to remember and the other one as the main handle you can carry in your bag or wallet. So you don’t panic when you lose your vehicle keys or forget where to put the main key.