Market Order is an order to be executed based on broker selling price (Ask Price) or broker buying price (Bid Price). Usually, the broker will guarantee the implementation of this transaction. You can trade by way of market order if you are lazy in line and want to immediately transact the currency you have. In order to know more about this, you can visit

There are 4 types of Pending Order transactions you can do:

– Buy Stop

Buy Stop means Buy if price> set price. In this transaction, the trader will buy when the price continues to rise and has passed a certain point set by the trader. In this case, the trader selects the pending order on the initial condition of the Bullish market (the price is expected to continue to rise).

– Sell Stop

Sell Stop means Sell when price specified price. In this transaction, the trader will sell when the price that was going down will reverse upward to a certain price before continuing the decline again. This condition is also called Sell On Strength. In this case, the trader selects this pending order if the market thinks it will reverse direction after rising at a certain level in order to get a better selling price.

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